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Thomas Einstein, MD

Anesthesiology / Pain Management

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Dr. Thomas Einstein is a graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine, Class of 1980. Following graduation from Medical School, he completed internship and residency in Emergency Medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance California. After eighteen months in private practice as an Emergency Physician, Dr. Einstein returned to UCLA to complete a residency in Anesthesiology. He completed board certification requirements in both Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology.

jujitsuDr Einstein joined the staff of Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center in December 1986. Initially, most of his work was hospital based, involving all types of surgery, and patients of all ages, including newborns. Currently, he is practicing obstetric anesthesia at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center, and performs anesthesia for other cases at the Medical Center by patient request.

Dr. Einstein has always had a strong interest in outpatient surgery, and his work has evolved to a mostly office based practice. In addition to plastic surgery, he also does anesthesia for a wide variety of outpatient surgery and office based dental and oral surgery.

His philosophy of practice is simple. The patient comes first! Each patient needs to be assessed individually, and his or her specific needs must be addressed. The goal is to do everything to make sure that the patient has the best possible experience before, during and after surgery. This includes working closely at all times with the surgeons to keep our patients comfortable and safe.

For many patients, anesthesia is a big scary unknown, and the anesthesiologist is there to develop a positive, reassuring relationship, and then use the best medical techniques to give a great anesthetic. This way, the patient can focus on a speedy comfortable recovery,frisbee

Outside of work, Dr. Einstein is the proud father of two college students and a graduate student. He is a self-described swimming fanatic, who works out every morning, even on weekends, with the local masters swimming club. Dr. Einstein was born in Switzerland, and is fluent in German, Spanish, French and English. Professionally, he is very pleased that he was included in Woodward and White’s list of best Doctors in America.

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