Patient Testimonials of Michael Sheps, DC

  • “I had an injury to my femur a few years ago. The orthopedic surgeon thought I would have to start my European concert tour on crutches or a walker; never needed them because the laser treatment solved the problem.” Burt Bacharach, Award-Winning Composer (from
  • “Dr. Michael Sheps is one of the leading specialists in the field of non-surgical spinal decompression. He’s been affiliated with VAX-D Medical Technologies as a center of excellence since he introduced the treatment in California in the 1990’s. His extensive medical background and his training create a unique insight into many of the difficult disc and joint cases. Dr. Sheps is completely dedicated to offering his patients safe and effective alternatives to drugs and surgery. His vision inspires his clinic staff, his patients, and us. We highly recommend Dr. Sheps and Pacific Coast Sports Medicine for treatment of chronic spinal pain.” Allan E. Dyer, MD, PhD, President, VAX-D Medical Technologies (from
  • “Dr. Michael Sheps is a genius. Pain all gone. Horay!” Bobby Shriver, Mayor of Santa Monica, CA (from
  • “If it wasn’t for the Diolase 10, I don’t think I would have performed in 2010 at such a high level. My recovery has been amazing!” Mattie Larson, US Olympic Gymnast (from
  • “Thanks to the Diolase 10 laser, my ankle feels incredibly better after each session!” Tanner Gudauskas, World Champion Surfer (from
  • “Dr. Michael Sheps is a true miracle worker. He gets right to the issue instantly. I walk out of the office feeling better.” Victor Coleman, Chairman & CEO of Hudson Capital (from
  • “I’ve had chronic back pain for over a year and didn’t do anything about it until 2 weeks before my wedding. Dr. Sheps and the PCSM team got me to near normal and absolutely pain free by using laser and VAX-D treatments. I can’t thank them enough! It’s been 6 months and I am still nowhere near the pain I was having before the treatment. I look forward to going back and finishing what they started.” Shannon Dannetelle (from
  • “Went here for plantar fasciitis — excruciating foot pain — when podiatrists failed. Recommended by sports coaches at USC. He gave me laser treatment and got me on a plan that reduced pain quickly.” – Gregorio A. (from
  • “Dr. Sheps is the best! Not only will he fix your back in less than most sessions other Chiropractors do, but he’ll do it quick and easy. Very knowledgeable and professional with the latest back advancements to make your appointment pain free.?I love Dr. Sheps!” – Rachael B. (from
  • “If you are looking for someone to just crack your back. Dr. Sheps offers a lot more than that. Three years ago it was the treatments from Dr. Sheps that kept me from having surgery on my back. After my MRI I found out I had a bulging disc of 8mm. After 10 treatments in a row and spending sometime lying down. I was healed! Can’t say enough about him. Referred important clients to him while out on work and they too were very happy.” – Russ Q (from
  • “It helped me very much, and Dr. Sheps is very flexible getting me in to see him.” – Andres P. (from
  • “I’ve been a patient of the doc’s for years and he has always been helpful and knowledgeable. I’ve sent friends to him over the years who also had good experiences. He won’t sell you on something. He offers his suggestions and is open to you making the choices that you’re comfortable with. He’s not chit-chatty and you have to ask questions in order to hear his thoughts on your situation. He’s helped me a great deal with my scoliosis and will continue to be my go-to guy when my back/neck need tweaking.” – Anonymous Review (from
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