Foot Orthotics

Foot Orthotics

Footmaxx computerized technology or traditional cast modeling enable the design of custom orthotics so you can walk pain-free.

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Raymond Hall, DC

From foot pain or injuries to various types of foot disorders, foot orthotics can be used for support and pain relief. The primary purpose of an orthotic device designed for the feet is to modify or alter the function of the foot. It is important to not ignore any persistent foot pain because it can affect the functioning of other body parts, such as the back and the hip, if left untreated. Foot orthotics basically function as shock absorbers to remove stress and pressure that result in pain.

Lower extremity conditions that can be treated with foot orthotics at Pacific Coast Sports Medicine are numerous. Injuries and disorders for treatment include back pain, shin splints, sore calves, leg length discrepancies, heel spurs, knee problems, achilles tendonitis, Iliotibial Band Syndrome and other biomechanical foot disorders. Orthotics can also assist patients with diabetes complications. This even includes specially designed shoes for specific sports or for work. Custom foot orthotics can be designed for both men and women.

Two Different Options

Footmaxx Computerized Gait Analysis

RUNNERS Pacific Coast Sports Medicine designs custom foot orthotics using the Footmaxx computerized technology. A technologically advanced gait analysis is used to generate a custom fitting foot orthotic to meet your unique needs. The way that the analysis works is that you walk across the surface of a medical grade pressure plate scanner, which takes precise measurements as you walk. These measurements are used to identify any existing alignment problems in the foot structure. With that information, the custom orthotic is designed to correct any abnormalities, which may be causing discomfort or other problems. The purpose of the foot orthotics offered by Pacific Coast Sports Medicine is to attempt to adjust the unique biomechanical patterns of your feet to balance out any problems currently being experienced.

When you receive a Footmaxx custom insert from Pacific Coast Sports Medicine, it will replace the current insert that is in your shoe. This ensures that any pain or abnormalities are being adequately addressed. Use of custom foot orthotics can result in comfort and relief from any present foot pain due to abnormalities and injuries. The foot orthotics also offer great control over you feet, guaranteeing that you are walking in a manner to keep you free from any type of pain or discomfort.


Custom Molded Cast Fabrication

As an alternative, if you do not like the high technology approach, Dr. Raymond Hall offers the traditional cast molding approach. Dr. Hall is highly trained and experienced in this true art of molding foot orthotics. Just as a potter would mold his clay, Dr. Hall can mold cast impressions of your feet as he skillfully manipulates your feet into the correct biomechanical position. In this way you can be assured that your orthotics are truly customized for your particular needs.

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