Invented by

Dr. Raymond Hall

The Healthy Choice in mattresses: plant-based material, your choice in firmness, and TRICOMFORT Design. JUST SLEEP was invented in response to the need of patients, friends and family. Dr. Hall set out to create a mattress with distinctive, unique features that would set it apart from any other mattress on the market.

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  • TRICOMFORT Design: the base includes hundreds of cotton-wrapped independent coils for optimal support, spinal alignment, and durability; the support layer is made of luxurious, nontoxic, plant-based Talalay Latex for ultimate support and “push-back”; the comfort top-layer is made of plant-based Italian Coconut foam, imported directly from Italy for amazing pressure relief, breathability, and neutral temperature regulation.
  • Your Choice in Firmness: Dr. Hall believes the “one firmness fits all” totally miss the needs of two-thirds of the population. Choose between plush, medium, and firm. Ask for the “Firmness Chart” to help you choose the right firmness to suit your spine!
  • The Healthy CHOICE: all foams in the JUST SLEEP mattresses are either Oeko Tech and/or CertiPUR certified. None of the foams contain harmful gases, metals, or toxic substances which are usually present in typical memory foam mattresses. We only use plant-based foams that are certified to not emit any harmful chemicals!

JUST SLEEP combines comfort, support, and responsible living to improve your life through better sleep.


For more information on JUST SLEEP and how to order, visit JustSleepBeds.com

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