Case Studies

Leroy Dixon

leroyThree weeks after stress fracture, American sprinter, Leroy Dixon, miraculously heals using Diolase 10™ laser therapy treatments and qualifies for the Olympics 100 meter dash.

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Carmelita Jeter

C. JeterWith four Diolase 10™ laser treatments, 30-year-old Jeter is symptom free and goes on to win the 4 x 1 US Relay Team at the Penn Relays & the 100 meter at the Jamaica Invitational.

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Mattie Larson

mattielarsonWith weekly Diolase 10™ laser treatments, 17-year-old Mattie Larson bounces back from compound injury and wins the Cover Girl Championship and places 1st on floor routine and 2nd all around in the Professional National Championship.

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Robert “Bo” Welch

After only THREE Diolase 10™ laser treatments for lower back pain, 55-year-old Bo Welch is pain free and has no re-occurrences.

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Pam Sussman

After Diolase 10™ laser treatments, Sussman’s MS pain, numbness and toe curling symptoms disappear.

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American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

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