Personal Training

Personal Training

Attain fitness and strength goals and avoid injury through the proper coaching of a certified personal trainer.

Rescuer climbs on rockA Pacific Coast Sports Medicine personal trainer will help develop your workouts so you can increase your stamina and health at a faster rate than if you were working alone. Personal trainers are certified to work with a range of ages and fitness levels in order to develop individualized plans and goals for all clients. Some personal trainers specialize in specific situations such as strength training, flexibility training, resistance training and nutrition.

Why should you have a personal trainer?

When working out on your own, many people use improper techniques leading to injuries and slower results than if you were training with a personal trainer. A trainer will teach you how to use each machine and how to move your body for each form of exercise you do. Performing the correct exercises in the accurate form will improve your heart, physical performance and show results in your body faster than just flailing along on your own.

Cycling their way to a better bodyA trainer will review your exercise routines, your form and even go over a nutritional plan to help you achieve your goals. The personal trainer will additionally mix up a variety of workouts helping you reach your goals at a more rapid rate. When a trainer reviews your exercise techniques, they will also gauge your weaknesses and develop programs to strengthen any areas you are having issues with.

What is the intention of personal training?

patientPacific Coast Sport Medicine personal trainers can design workouts to strengthen injured areas and help you learn exercise techniques to help prevent future injuries from occurring. The personal trainer takes the components for fitness and enhances them to fit every individuals needs. Studies in personal training have displayed changes in exercise behavior patterns, increased confidence in adapting to changes in exercise and improved exercise benefit to concern ratio. Someone with a personal trainer is usually more determined to make sure they fit their exercise routine into their schedule even when they have busy days. Having personal training also escalates the nutritional knowledge a client has leading to increased weight loss or increased muscle mass.
At Pacific Coast Sport Medicine, our experienced trainers work with a collaborative team to provide you with inclusive personal care using modern technology. This team will work with your needs and plan your goals so that you can reach the fitness and nutritional levels that you desire.

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