Wellness Planning for 2017

by Mary Jo Gustin, DC

It’s not too early to start thinking about your personal wellness plan for the new year. Planning for ways to improve health is an easy thing to put off, but as 19th century thinker Edward Stanley said, “Those you think they have no time for health will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” One aspect of your health to consider is your bone bone health.

With fractures occurring in half of women over 50 and a quarter of men, coupled with serious and sometimes long-term effects of fracture, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis are essential to long-term health. Our OsteoBlast Program includes no drugs.

The cornerstone of PCSM’s OsteoBlast Prevention and Treatment Program is the bioDensity machine. It is easy to use, safe and effective. With just a few minutes a week you can improve your bone health, your muscle strength, and your brain functioning.
When an individual exercises on the bioDensity, he or she self-regulates the amount of force applied, making this an extremely safe way to develop muscle strength and bone density. The four exercises load the major muscle groups in positions of optimal biomechanics. The porous structure of bone slightly deforms before it springs back to its natural state, causing irritation/stimulation of the nerves running through the bone. This process in turn enables the bone cells to absorb more minerals into its porous structure, thereby increasing bone strength.

OsteoBlast is a comprehensive osteoporosis prevention and reversal program. Other aspects of our OsteoBlast Osteoporosis Treatment Program include the Power Plate (vibration exercise), Korebalance (state-of-the-art propriocention and balance exercise) as well as nutrition and supplement counseling.

Prevent and reverse bone loss! Learn more about OsteoBlast here.

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