Patient Testimonials of Thomas Grogan, MD

  • “The smartest orthopedic problem solver I have met. I would recommend him very highly. I had a problem that 4 other orthopedists could not solve and he figured it out quickly…In a world where orthopedists have limited skills in diagnosing a problem (or having you do the procedure they know), it is refreshing to find someone who has the knowledge and perspective to get the diagnosis right. And he is a great caring guy also!” – Peter C. (from
  • “He was able to see me same day and took great care of me. I have an injury from last year that is being aggravated by Accutane and he was very understanding and helpful.” – C.G. (from
  • “Dr. Grogan and staff were efficient, friendly and large hearted. ?Thank goodness there are still doctors motivated first by healing their patients?and not the almighty dollar!” – Nancy F. (from
  • “It has been a long time since I’ve met a surgeon who is compassionate and not motivated by money and places the welfare of his patients first. I did meet that man in Dr. Grogan. I am soooo thankful I went to see him. My knee is better and it didn’t cost me an unborn child. If you are in need of an Orthopaedic Surgeon, you should call Dr. Grogan.” – Vortex G. (from
  • “A Standout real doctor’s office. Straightforward, caring and professional treatment by Dr. Grogan. We took our chance reading the great reviews about Dr. Grogan and brought our son with a fractured wrist that was taken care of elsewhere. Dr. Grogan was excellent; he communicated easily with my son, explained and answered our questions and refreshingly didn’t try to inflate the services or bill for that matter. The rates are very reasonable and his integrity is outstanding. We had to see the Dr. again for the other wrist, and weren’t disappointed, the second visit only solidified our first impression.” – Julia R. (from
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