Stem Cell Therapy: Proven, Safe Methods at PCSM

by Walter O’Brien, MD

Stem cell therapy has created much excitement and perhaps some confusion and controversy in the field of regenerative medicine.

Stem cells are the basic undifferentiated cells which our bodies store indefinitely to repair and regenerate damaged and aged tissues. Orthopedic applications include degenerative conditions such as arthritis as well as acute reparative challenges.

There are several different types of stem cell therapy, but at Pacific Coast Sports Medicine we are dedicated to providing proven safe methods with the highest likelihood of success. We believe the key is to use the patient’s own stem cells so there is no chance of rejection. Being 100% natural with no drugs involved allows even college and professional athletes to take advantage of our expertise.

With 5 years of experience (more than the vast majority of other doctors), our follow-up studies have shown 85% successful results. Our techniques fall within all FDA requirements and guidelines.

Please schedule a consultation if you feel you may be a candidate for this regenerative revolution.

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