Stem Cell Therapy for Treatment of Concussions

by Walter O’Brien, MD

Recent research strongly supports using patient-derived stem cells to speed recovery from traumatic brain injury (concussion). Increased awareness of diagnosing concussions has also illuminated our limitations in treating them. However, a recent study by Sean Berman of our group, Cell Surgical Network, has found the administration of stem cells after concussion in a rat model dramatically improves the brain’s recovery in terms of speed of recovery and return to normal function.

Rats treated with stem cells immediately after concussion showed no regression in motor skills and memory testing compared to the rats that did not receive stem cells. Treatment with stem cells 72 hours post concussion helped the rats return to their normal baseline while those that were not treated remained 25% below normal 14 days later. The implications of this study are far-reaching not only for sports-induced concussions, but also for military and other traumatic brain injuries.

Cell Surgical Network is a multispecialty stem cell network of medical doctors not only providing patient-derived stem cell treatment, but also new technology that allows the patient to store their own stem cells in a tissue bank making the cells readily available for future use. Please explore our website for all of the exciting cutting-edge techniques we offer in regenerative orthopedics at Pacific Coast Sports Medicine.

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