The Gravity+Suit

The Gravity+ Suit

The Gravity+ SuitTM is a whole body suit designed for compression and increased weight bearing during exercise to help increase muscle strength, endurance and injury recovery.

Gravity Systems

What you can expect:

  • Enhance muscular strength and endurance
  • Experience neuromuscular adaptation to improve movement patterns
  • Improve athletic performance, physical activity, and recovery post-exercise

At Pacific Coast Sports Medicine we strive to improve mobility, function, and the overall physiological processes of our patients. When it comes to athletic performance, rehabilitation, and general strength training, we choose to use equipment and modalities that are cutting-edge and efficient.

The Gravity+ SuitTM is a whole body suit designed for compression and increased weight bearing during exercise. Due to its capacity to evenly distribute added weight in increments of 8 ounces up to 70 pounds over the body, the Gravity+ Suit is perfect for users of all activity levels, from weekend warriors to competitive athletes. Because of its neoprene and nylon spandex construction, along with Velcro straps, the suit provides “one size fits all” compression during the workout. This, combined with the weight pockets in the suit—which provide increased resistance during a workout—allow the patient to experience improvements in:gravitysuit 1

  • Muscular strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Weight loss
  • Injury recovery time
  • Neuromuscular conditioning

The Gravity+ Suit helps to increase the resistance during exercise and result in increased gains in muscular strength

Muscular strength is augmented by resistance training (4, 5). The added weight of the body suit will increase the resistance during exercise and result in increased gains in muscular strength. The additional weight of the Gravity+ Suit will also result in more calories being burned in each exercise session and will aid weight loss. Similarly, resistance training also causes adaptations in the nervous system that increase the efficiency of the muscles (5). This effect is also heightened by the additional weight of the Gravity+ Suit.

Improve recovery time post-injury and post-exercise.

Furthermore, external compression has been shown to decrease recovery time in cases of acute injuries and muscle damage (3). Utilizing a series of Velcro straps, the Gravity+ Suit allows for varying levels of compression in order to decrease muscle soreness and aid in lactate removal (1).

The Gravity+ Suit is an excellent way to increase the effectiveness of your workout while simultaneously aiding in muscle recovery. These characteristics make the suit ideal for competitive athletes looking to increase muscle strength as well as people simply working to lose weight and improve their overall health.


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