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Raymond Hall, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

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Dr. Raymond Hall is a Doctor of Chiropractic and inventor with over 28 years of experience treating injuries and conditions relating to sports injuries, accidents, and chronic pain. He was recently honored by the “International Association of Chiropractors” as the “TOP CHIROPRACTOR IN LOS ANGELES”. He has treated almost ten thousand patients with a complete myriad of symptoms and conditions. His clinical excellence is predicated on a close examination of pain and dysfunction, and he often can detect and identify biomechanical and physiological problems that other doctors overlook. Dr. Hall applies his uniquely synergistic model of treatment to identify biomechanical and pathological dysfunction, treat the problem in the most conservative manner possible, and strives to address the cause to restore optimal health and eliminate pain.

For a half of decade, he has worked right alongside Orthopaedic surgeons and here again at the new location of Pacific Coast Sports Medicine, Dr Hall oftentimes coordinates and optimizes care of each patient through intra-disciplinary cooperation, consult and treatment.

The first step that Dr Raymond Hall takes is to carefully analyze the problem in the diagnosis phase. This means taking the time with the patient to identify every abnormality, be it a chronic or traumatic injury, a habitual kind of damage done to the body, or some other kind of ailment. With this thorough and meticulous approach to the examination, Dr Raymond Hall can have a full understanding of what he’s dealing with for the treatment phase.

HallDuring the treatment phase, Dr Raymond Hall, DC, uses his past experience, as well as building on the most current research in the field of biomechanics and healing to develop a personalized treatment plan. Oftentimes this will mean collaborating with Orthopedists such as Drs. Walter O’Brien and Tom Grogan at PC Sports Medicine, a physiatrist, a spine surgeon, a neurologist or other specialist in order to bring you the optimal health option. Most often, Dr Raymond Hall chooses highly conservative care such as soft tissue massage, stretching, exercise, physiotherapy and very gentle joint manipulation and traction to improve tissue strength and VOLLEYBALLhealth.

Celebrities, athletes, and even other doctors find Dr Raymond Hall’s insightful methods effective enough to refer friends and colleagues again and again.
Neck and back pain, tension and migraine headaches, joint pain, arthritic pain, and extremity disorders are all treated by Dr. Hall. He can take on both singular, traumatic injuries and chronic pain conditions. He can provide you with nutritional counseling, as well as a range of other care options including exercise and core strengthening.

Dr Raymond Hall has six inventions, two of which are patented. The latest is “PILLO1®” (patent # 6,817,049) a therapeutic neck pillow that is sold in Bed Bath & Beyond, direct marketing, internet, and many other outlets. Dr Hall also invented and has a patent on an Ambulatory Traction Unit (5,667,461 and 5,626,540), a therapeutic traction device that hovers over a treadmill or other device that lifts the upper body with a suspensory harness system that can be used to decompress the spine, remove weight from healing hip and knee replacements and a myriad of other conditions that would respond to decompression and anti-gravity therapy.

Please call our office at 310-873-4415 to learn more about how Dr Hall can help you.

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