PCSM: Leaders in Regenerative Orthopedics

by Walter O’Brien, MD

“Regenerative Orthopedics” is a term I have coined for an exciting, cutting-edge frontier of medicine.  

After 25 years of practicing state-of-the-art orthopedic surgery including pioneering techniques in minimally-invasive surgery, I teamed up with Dr. Thomas Grogan and Dr. Michael Sheps in 2012 to put together a unique group of musculoskeletal professionals who have been exploring and developing new technologies to facilitate the body’s ability to heal and regenerate itself. Each member of the group has a unique role which is complementary to others and provides a comprehensive “one-stop-body-shop” for musculoskeletal medicine.  

Besides the traditional techniques of orthopedic medicine and rehabilitation, we are already offering technologies available few other places in the world–let alone under one roof.  Areas such as stem cell therapy, high-intensity laser therapy, new acoustic wave therapy, and advanced bioelectric therapy are now real-life, everyday treatments available in our clinic.

Along these lines, we have developed a unique osteoporosis prevention and treatment program based on the latest science to build bone density, often without pharmaceuticals and their potential side effects. Recently, we have expanded our group into the latest frontiers of sleep medicine with some of the country’s most renowned experts.

I invite you to explore our informative website to see what the face of orthopedic medicine will look like in the future (but available today in our clinic).

For more information on Regenerative Orthopedics click here.

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