Patient Testimonials of Robert Feldman, CMP, LMP

  • Bob has been like a brother to me…Oh, wait. Bob helped to relieve my chronic left over from a motorcycle accident, by working on the muscular scar tissue from the surgery. Not one doctor I visited figured out it was the scar tissue that was causing me so much pain pain. — Thanks Bro! –Rich Feldman (from Facebook)
  • Bob has a wonderful talent and if you are lucky in life and have had a treatment you know what I’m talking about. If the muscle hurts, he resolves the problems and with just two fingers! A miracle! I wish I had discovered him when I was 30, bur since meeting, I’ve had a good 14 years of weekly treatment and have been healthy ever since. I attribute that to Bob, I wouldn’t ever want to miss a session. It works!!! — Kent Forsyth, (from Facebook)
  • (Bob) ROCKS!! He has the healing touch and the only professional that has provided me with pain relief when medications and physical therapy over many years could not! I highly recommend him!! It works!! Bob has done a fantastic job! Being in lots of sports and muscles being spasmed all the time, he has helped me tremendously! I am able to bounce back much quicker and not be in so much pain! Thanks Bob! — Azure Fike (from Facebook)