Patient Testimonials of Cheri Gross, LMT, LAc

  • “I have been involved in boxing for 13 years and in those years, I have competed and have trained others. As a by product, I have endured shoulder pain, forearm cramping, and a damaged hand. I have gone to other acupuncturists/massage therapists and have done self therapy. None of it has been as effective and as quick as Cheri. I owe her my gratitude for giving me back my mobility and strength. Thank you Cheri.” – Tony Gonzalez
  • “I first approached Cheri for treatment for a “frozen” left shoulder. It had become so painful, I could not roll over without pushing myself up and consequently, was significantly affecting my sleep. Cheri has also helped to relieve chronic neck pain I had been living with for more than twenty years. I have not felt so well in a long time and I am exercising again at an intensity level beyond what I thought was even possible. My health, well-being and quality of life have all significantly improved thanks to Cheri’s help. She is a knowledgeable and skillful healer with tremendous personal power. Highly recommended!” – Hugh Gross
  • “I met Cheri 10 months after rotator cuff surgery for a large tear. I needed to regain my range of motion. I had lost my strength and my muscles had minor atrophy. In order to do strength exercises, I needed to have my shoulder and arm muscles in their proper position, but I had so much scar tissue in my shoulder/scapular area that I couldn’t achieve full range of motion to fully recover. Cheri, using her unique deep tissue therapy technique, her experience, and skillful treatments, really helped solve all of the issues I was having. I really appreciate her 120% effort and positive energy she gave me during each session. I am now back to playing tennis with Cheri’s help. Thank you very much Cheri!” – Noriko Neimetz
  • “This is a fan letter to my friend Cheri Gross. After I had major surgery 11 months ago, I was sent to Cheri for lymphatic massage and scar tissue release treatments. Cheri worked on me for months so that I could use my right arm to its full capacity. She not only got my entire body to respond and to heal but she got my right arm to be as well as it was before the surgery. She is an amazing therapist, a brilliant massage and rehab therapist, and now, a very dear friend of my family. I cannot recommend her work high enough; she is simply the best. I’m grateful to her for her knowledge, her deep caring, brilliant hands, and friendship.” – Lorna Luft
  • “I’ve worked with Cheri Gross for over 10 years and can attest to her therapeutic and massage background. She studied and worked hard to achieve all of her licensing and is most conscientious and reliable in her treatments to her clients. My wife and I have both been benefactors of some fantastic massage and body therapy that Cheri has provided us during the many years of our experience.” – Sam Bachner
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