Regain range of motion and decrease pain with this ergonomic self-care muscle roller.

What you can expect:

  • Release of muscle tension
  • Decreased pain levels
  • Improved range of motion

“There has never been a Self Care tool that helps relieve pain, recover faster, and improve performance like the Rolflex. It’s revolutionary.”
Gary Vitti, Los Angeles Lakers

Rolflex is a muscle roller designed to ease muscle tension by treating scar tissue build-up following soft tissue damage.  This is accomplished through the use of Active Release Therapy and trigger point therapy (3).  Active Release Therapy is a patented technique that combines compressive force on the muscle with movement of that muscle.

Under pressure of the Rolflex, muscles are contracted resulting in an internal stripping of the muscle that breaks down scar tissue.  This allows freer movement of the muscle and, in turn, muscle tension relief (5).  In a recent study, Active Release techniques were found to aid in the repair and recovery of tissues after soft tissue injury (4).  The breakdown of scar tissue that allows the muscle to move more freely also decreases pain and increases joint range of motion due to muscle tension relief (2).

Another method by which Rolflex can aid in relieving muscle pain and tension and also improve Rolflex_Nic-27_1024x1024 range of motion is through trigger point massage.  Trigger points are knots or cramps in the muscle that cause referred pain in the region of the knot. The Rolflex allows the athlete to easily massage the trigger point and also apply the necessary amount of force with ease.

The adjustable nature of Rolflex allows it to fit on any body part, from neck to forearms to thighs, and also accommodates users of all sizes.  In addition, the ergonomic design of the product—combined with an extendable strap—allows it to fit the rib cage and successfully treat the back muscles.  Furthermore, the roller component can be removed and used separately to treat the soles of the feet and other areas of tee body that are difficult to access. The hinge of the Rolflex can be adjusted in order to accommodate body regions of different sizes.  It also allows the user to apply their desired pressure upon the muscle.

The Rolflex is an innovative self-care tool designed to empower anyone to naturally relieve pain and regain movement throughout their whole body.


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