Kinesio® Tape

tapeKinesio® Tape


[dropcap type=”square”]1[/dropcap]Enhance the healing of joint and muscle injuries

[dropcap type=”square”]2[/dropcap]Relax overused muscles

[dropcap type=”square”]3[/dropcap]Reduce swelling and inflammation by improving circulation

[dropcap type=”square”]4[/dropcap]Reduce pain by taking pain off the receptors

Man Running Along Trail in Redwood ForestKinesio® Tape and Taping Method is the most advanced, recommended and relied on therapeutic taping method that gently supports with complete flexibility. After many trials and errors, Kinesio® Tape was invented in the 1970’s by Japanese chiropractor, Dr. Kenzo Kase. It was originally designed for his patients to take home and use in between visits. Today, taping is used on a number of body parts for rehabilitation, pains & disorders, and as a preventative measure for injury illness.

Athletes, both novice & professional, often use Kinesio® Tape in conjunction with conventional sports taping, such as wrapping and compression, to treat the joint, while protecting it. Muscles can be supported before and after exercise, offerings patients a more gentle approach to rehabilitation. Application is easy to use, but should be properly done by a trained professional.

kinesio tapeThe tape should be applied along the length of a tired muscle for support. Depending on the injury Kinesio® Tape is placed in a range of patterns and pulled in varying degrees of tension. Unlike standard white athletic tape, the adhesive on Kinesio® Tape has a lifting effect on the skin, which allows for flexibility. The tape should remain on the injured or affected area for a recommended 2-5 days.

Kinesio® Tape received unprecedented publicity and gained popularity when Olympic athletes donned their tape in the 2008 Games in Beijing. PHOTOS: It’s appropriate to note that Kinesio® Tape isn’t just for athletes! It offers countless benefits to individuals who, for example, drive long distances or sit at a desk for long periods of time. This activity contributes to back and neck pain and can be relieved using Kinesio® Tape.

kinesiotapeKinesio® Tape is a unique and trusted brand, only sold to clinicians. Don’t be fooled by other, consumer-marketed brands claiming to deliver the same results. Kinesio® Tape is backed by over 25 years of research and application. No other therapeutic tape delivers the results you want and need to heal faster and stay better longer.

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