Maryann Sheps, DC, PA-C

Chiropractor and Physician Assistant

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Maryann ShepsDr. Maryann Sheps’ training began in Atlanta at Life Chiropractic College where she was an honors student. After moving to Los Angeles, she continued her education at Cleveland Chiropractic College, a school that held University status, and obtained honors with a Bachelors in Biology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. With the foresight to see the changes in health care and the need for more allied health professionals, she chose to return to school in 2005 and completed a Masters in Science as a Physician Assistant at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. Seeking additional clinical training rotations in emergency medicine, she fell in love with the specialty that works tirelessly and persistently. Her love for this area of expertise, the demographics of patients, and her extended and combined knowledge in health care makes her more dedicated to keeping the community in good health.Dr. Sheps trained at the University of Florida’s Department of Exercise Sciences and The University of San Diego’s Department of Orthopedics in MedX exercise and rehabilitation. She has been trained by the American Red Cross as an instructor for the Protect Your Back health and safety services. Additionally, Dr. Sheps has been a California Industrial Disability Evaluator, a Qualified Medical Evaluator, and continues to work with patients with industrial injuries. She is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support, Pediatric Life Support, and is a CPR and First Aid Training Instructor.Dr. Sheps is currently serving on the California Legislative Board for the California Association of Physician Assistants as an integral part of producing laws that govern that profession. She is a past Member of the San Gabriel Medical Center Hospital Advisory Board for patient, hospital and emergency department safety. She has been an avid supporter of the Osteogenesis Imprefecta Foundation and has served on their advisory board. Dr. Sheps has also contributed to the production of two children’s books and teacher educational manuals for the Foundation. Currently, she is writing two books, one of comic nature and an additional children’s book.

Dr. Sheps gives clinical and medical knowledge as well as support to her husband, Michael, in the continual development and medical advancement of the BIOLASE Diolase 10™ Laser. Dr. Sheps keeps a hands-on approach through her creative ideas, marketing strategies, and co-educational programs and instructions. She is a continual driving force for the future success of the musculoskeletal laser in her office.

As a team, Drs. Maryann and Michael Sheps pursue a multidisciplinary approach to health care. They combine traditional medicine foundations with an alternative holistic chiropractic approach for the benefit of patient care.

With this success, her clinic stands out in the community as a place for all patient populations to be treated for their pain.