Don’t put PT off until it “really hurts”

by Boris Litvinov, DPT

Physical therapy can mean so many different things to so many different people. After all, some therapists are best at exercise advice, others at manual therapy, and others yet at Pilates or headache or migraine relief. Those are just some of the things we practice here.

If you have been diagnosed with tendinitis, patellofemoral syndrome, back or neck pain, ankle sprains or simply need rehab after a surgery, we are equipped with the latest technology, offer customer service next to none, and have very competitive prices for those paying out-of-pocket. We are also in network with most major insurance companies. Please inquire at the front desk if you have questions about your specific coverage. We’ll be able to explain any out-of-pocket costs you may encounter.

Often if people find out that I am a physical therapist, they invariably get to a point in a conversation where they say: “I had this injury…” And they launch into how much an injury has impacted their life. For most of them it is an ongoing problem.  So, my encouragement to all of you out there who have been needing our advice and have been putting it off ‘till it “really hurts.”

Please call us!  Don’t allow it to “really hurt.”

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