Patient Testimonials of Babak Samimi, MD

  • The “likelihood of recommending Dr. Samimi to family and friends is 4 out of 5 [stars].” (from
  • “Dr. Samimi is a wonderful doctor and surgeon. He is professional and caring. He knows what he is doing and is extremely well trained. He is a very nice doctor with very good bedside manners.” – Jennifer M. (from
  • “Well I have to give this doctor’s office more than 5 stars for helping heal my broken knee. Doctor Samimi’s office is family-owned father and son, the one that was treating me was the son and he is one heck of a cool doctor and funny. My experience being treated here for the past 7 weeks was just great with his office the staff and everyone that works there is just super cool–couldn’t describe it any better.” – Charly B. (from
  • “If I could give Dr. Babak Samimi 10 stars I would. He is not only the best surgeon in the area and surrounding area, but he is genuinely a very good person. I had a complicated break in my wrist, which involved three pins and a plate just to stabilize the joint. Dr. Samimi preformed a flawless surgery along with some of the best patient follow-up I have ever experienced. A week after my surgery, I had questions for him. I called and left a VM, and within 10 min, I had three missed calls from him. That’s simply unheard of, I would know, I work with doctors for a living.” – Misha G. (from
  • “He was awesome! I had seen 2 other orthopaedic professionals and he gave me a ton more information than they ever did. I’m so happy I went for a 2nd opinion.” – Stacy M. (from
  • “Very nice and friendly, and took the time to explain everything!” – Billie B. (from
  • “Probably the best office visit experience I’ve ever had. I was seen quickly (even though it was late in the afternoon) and he was really on the ball. He gave freely of his time and encouraged any questions – which was quite refreshing. I would highly recommend him!” – William F. (from
  • “Was very pleased with the experience and will be returning to his office! My husband felt confident in the doctor’s assessment and recommendation as to treatment!” – Randy C. (from
  • “The greatest doctor! Best service!” – Harry F. (from
  • “Such a great experience!! I broke my ankle on Feb 10, 2014, but because of a lapse in my insurance I wasn’t able to see an orthopedic doctor until almost a month later. ?I was given my referral on a Wednesday, called to make an appointment that day and got in to see the doctor the very next day at 10 am. ??Greeted by the first office staff–they were very welcoming, I was taken back right away– only about a 10 minute wait. I was filling out my paperwork as a new patient…??The doctors and staff were all very friendly, very professional!” – Myshell L. (from
  • “I was lucky I was referred to Dr. Samimi’s office from Smart Clinic in Industry as I didn’t personally know of any surgeons who could operate on my torn Achilles tendon. I had a positive experience with Dr. Samimi and I would recommend him with this type of surgery…Thanks Dr. Samimi for successfully operating and connecting my Achilles tendon.” – Leo G. (from
  • “I became acquainted with Dr. Babak Samimi after suffering injuries at work that required surgical repair to both of my elbows. The surgery he performed went well and my recovery and follow-up care, though long and tedious, had excellent results. I’ve regained most of my range of motion and continue to see Dr. Samimi for follow-up care and other possible repairs. He has a great bedside manner, is very easy to speak with, very knowledgeable, and explains procedures in lay terms, so that they will be easier to understand. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Babak Samimi to friends and relatives who may need orthopedic care.” – Cynthia C. (from
  • “Dr. Samimi is a wonderful doctor and surgeon. He is professional and caring. He knows what he is doing and is extremely well trained. He is a very nice doctor with very good bedside manners.” – Jenny M. (from
  • “I had such a great experience being Dr. Samimi’s patient. All of the staff at the office were extremely friendly and Dr. Samimi was very welcoming and professional. He took the time to really listen to the issues I was having with my foot, took an x-ray immediately and showed me exactly what was going on. Additionally, he followed up with me after a few days to make sure I was doing okay. Thank you!” – Mona K. (from
  • “My daughter had an ACL replacement surgery with Dr. Samimi and his PA. Irving Huynh. My daughter saw Mr. Huynh for all her pre- and post-surgery appointments. He was extremely helpful and explained everything in great detail. He also suggested that she start physical therapy prior to her surgery in order to ensure mobility after surgery. The surgery was a great success!” – Mary N. (from
  • “He is the greatest and I told him so…I said I’d refer people to him and I’m going to run again. He could tell from the X-Ray that I had a hairline fracture and ordered an MRI for a better look at what was going on. Turned out I had torn cartilage…after surgery….it’s been a great process. This is the first time in over 16 years that I’ve been without crutches, cane, boot, walker. Thank you, Dr. Samimi.” – Marie P. (from
  • “Dr. Samimi has been a blessing in my life, I credit him for being able to walk today. I have never met a doctor or staff that is more caring and professional. I am 65 and in better shape than I have been in years…I will always be forever grateful to Dr. Samimi and his staff. I could not recommend a better Doctor, staff and hospital.” – Lucy O. (from
  • “All in all this doctor’s visit was a very pleasant experience and I actually felt like this doctor really cared about me and my concerns and took the time to talk to me and explain everything. If I have any other orthopedic issues in the future I will definitely come back to this doctor.” – Patrina H. (from
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