Patient Testimonials of Jeffrey Gero, PhD

  • “Dr. Jeff, I really appreciate all of your help. I believe that I will be able to take control of myself when the victim wants or tries to pop itself into me with the help that you have given me. I also believe that I am ready to really start playing to my potential in competition. Thank you.” – R.W., Golf Instructor Palm Springs
  • “Thanks to Dr. Gero’s Sports Minded program my batting average went from 235 to 429. I went from a reliever to a starter and threw four no hitters in the last five games.” – J.S. High School Student
  • “Dr. Jeff’s mental training system is what’s missing in most athletic programs.” – Matt Goldfield, Coach of the year Newbury Park HS 2012 division champs
  • “Dr. Jeff helped me work through my fear of doing giants and taught me how to visualize.” – A.G., Gymnast
  • Dr. Jeff, I am very happy with progress we accomplished together. I haven’t been this happy, confident and anxiety free in a long time. The tools you have given me only get sharper with each day. I listen to your CD a minimum of once a day; it is like my medicine. To say I am grateful for this new state of life would be an understatement. You have truly given me priceless knowledge and insight on how to lead a better life. I am forever grateful. – D.W., Realtor
  • “Your presentation was well received and was the highlight of the morning. It resulted in lively discussion long after you left. It was obvious by the multiple comments from the audience that not only did they enjoy hearing about your methods to reduce stress, but it made the dozens of paramedics, firefighters and nurses in the audience feel tremendously good. It was as though the stress was drained from their bodies. You received excellent ratings as a speaker, with the highest marks attainable. As one might expect, much interest was generated by your presence, and the impeccable way you deal with stress and relaxation.” – A.C., Deputy Chief, Los Angeles Fire Dept.
  • “The informational materials and handouts for the course were informative and stimulating. Dr. Gero himself has an easy and warm personality that is particularly suited for this type of group process. He is able to handle the free give-and- take of audience participation in a gentle non-threatening manner that is most conducive to sharing experiences among the participants. In conclusion, I would judge the stress management program conducted for Blue Shield Hawaii were well received and an outstanding success. I would have no hesitation in giving him a high recommendation.” – Dr. J. W. Medical Director, Chairman Dept. of International Health University of Hawaii, Medical Director, Blue Shield of Hawaii