Chiropractic Care

Spinal Traction and Decompression

Image Attribution: By –, CC BY-SA 4.0, Back pain is one of the leading causes of visits to the doctor and missed work (1). Some 16 million Americans live with chronic back pain. Conditions causing back pain vary greatly but include pulled muscles, ruptured or herniated vertebral discs, arthritis and osteoporosis, and …

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Cervical Radiculopathy

What is cervical radiculopathy? Cervical radiculopathy is a medical term that describes radiculopathy, or a problem with a spinal nerve, in the neck. There are 83 new cases of cervical radiculopathy diagnosed every year per 100,000 people (1). Radiculopathy, or nerve damage, usually happens because of the progressive development of arthritis in the neck over …

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Weight Vests: Using “Hypergravity” to Strengthen Bones

by Mary Jo Gustin, DC At Pacific Coast Sports Medicine, we take bone health seriously. Our innovative, one-of-a-kind osteoporosis prevention and reversal program, OsteoBlast, utilizes various modalities that increase bone density while minimizing risk of fracture. A new addition to our OsteoBlast bone-building program is the weight vest.  While weight vests are not a new …

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Lower Back Pain: Disc versus Facet Joint Origin

by Raymond Hall, DC Lower Back Pain affects approximately 80% of the population at some point during their lifetimes. In the past 31 years of my practice, I see the most common pain coming from either the intervertebral discs (the cushions between the vertebrae) or from the facet articulations. There are many other causes of …

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